He Will Make You

On May 1st, 2016,  at our NYC Non Denominational Church, Pastor JR preached on “He Will Make You”.  He talked about Genesis 12:2 where God said to Abram, “I will make you into a great nation, and I will bless you.”  This, in particular, was one of those on-time words for me.  I had been struggling a lot with trying to figure out where I am supposed to go and what I am supposed to be doing with my life.  I kept feeling like I have to try and make something happen in order to become what I think I should be.  This message helped me rethink that.


One of the things he said was, when we try to make our own name, there is confusion, dispersal, and abandoned projects.  That really hit home for me.  I had experienced a lot of each of those over the last couple of years, and it all ended up leading to lots of frustration and little to no results.  There must be a better way, but how could I find it?

The message that day really helped remind me God wants to make things better, but he wants to show us his process.  That word “process” is not always fun to hear.  It often means things like waiting, practicing discipline, learning by doing and sometimes doing poorly at first before we get good.  The word “process” implies that we don’t get instant results; it suggests, before we can step into our destiny, there must be a time of preparation.

It’s like an athlete practicing his fundamentals, or an actor preparing for a show.  There is a great deal of preparation and rehearsal that must come before the curtain goes up.  We love the glory of the stage and the applause at the end of the night, but the rehearsal room is a necessary part of the process.  Without that rehearsal process, when it’s time to take the real stage, our performance will most likely fall flat. It will be uninspired, and we’ll be embarrassed.

Pastor JR then tied things together between Genesis 12:2 and Genesis 17:1-8 when he showed us how Abram was made before he was renamed.  He talked about how, sometimes, we want to be named into our future when we haven’t yet been made through God’s process.  Unfortunately, that usually doesn’t go well.

This was convicting because I know I want the results now, but sometimes I do resist the process.  This message really caused me to pause and reconsider. Am I allowing God to make me, or am I just insisting on a title change?  Am I not only surrendering to his process but also embracing it? Am I learning what I’m supposed to learn so that I can be prepared for the next phase?

At the end of the day, it’s not us who make us; it’s Him who makes us.  I don’t know about you, but I’d rather be made by God through his process than try to make myself through my own ways.  He has a much better track record. If you are looking for a Non Denominational church in NYC, come check us out.

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